Vijay Kashyap

Linking People and Culture to Profit and Growth

People Leadership and Transformation
across 5 continents & 17 countries

Asia Pacific –  Australia – Africa & Middle East – America’s – Italy & Rest of Europe – China

My Offering


  • Executive Coaching
  • Facilitated off sites
  • Teambuilding        
  • Balanced Score Card Deployment     


  • Culture diagnostics
  • Employee engagement solutions
  • Mergers & Integration transition
  • Performance Management optimization


  • Sales Capability Development
  • Communication Effectiveness.
  • HR Capability
  • Competency Assessment



Global deployment of Success Factors:

In my Global HRD role with Campari I was responsible for deploying SAP “SuccessFactors” across 22 countries simultaneously. SAP SuccessFactors is the (Read more…)


Start up of a retail business in India – Aditya Birla Retail (ABRL)

This $41 billion Group decided to foray into Retail and I was hired as the HR chief and third employee in the Retail business. Notable transformational (Read more..)


Set up of global beverage business in Australia as a start up

Campari Australia was set up in 2009 in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis when it was extremely difficult to attract talent that was gainfully employed. (Read more…)


Restructuring of the MNC business in China

In 2011 after an audit by KPMG it was decided that we would have to terminate the employment of the (Read more…)


Recalibration of Global Rewards (Compensation)

In my Global HRD role at Campari I was responsible for recalibrating our Reward practices (Read more..)


Design of Leadership architecture for a global beverage company

I created a suite of Leadership Development initiatives at Campari under the brand name (Read more…)


Campari Way of Coaching:

In my Global HRD role I identified a gap in the coaching capability of our senior managers. In partnership with CEB SHL I created a (Read more…)


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Licenses & Certifications


Australian Institute of Company Directors
Issued: Apr 2017 . No Expiration

Life Coach

Australian Institute of Coaching
Issued: May 2010 . No Expiration


Australian HR Institute
Issued: Jan 2009 . No Expiration

Malcom Baldrige Quality Assesor

Tata Business Excellence
Issued: 2000 . No Expiration

OPQ Facilitation

SHL Talent Measurement from CEB
Issued: 1997 . No Expiration

MBTI Assesor

CPP, Inc.
Issued: 1995 . No Expiration

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 What people say

  • In 25 years of speaking, studying, researching and experiencing the cultures of about 90 companies a year, I have never met a leader like Vijay. He is truly a 22nd century leader blending very high levels of emotional intelligence with true compassion and understanding the human psyche. His masterful mentoring and personalised coaching of people in his organisation make it one of the ..if the THE best company culture I have ever experienced. I have never been to another corporate organisation where people were sincerely telling me that on Sundays, they looked forward to coming to work on Monday! Vijay is extraordinary. Run don't walk to have him lead your organisation!

    Amanda Gore
    Award Winning International Keynote Speaker | Best-selling Author | Emotional Intelligence Expert Leadership & Business
    Head2Heart Pty Ltd
  • I have worked with Vijay since my start with Gruppo Campari in 2011, first as the Marketing Director for ANZ and now in my current role as VP, Global Spirits Marketing. Vijay has been an outstanding HR partner in these two assignments.

    In Australia I had the task of restructuring the Marketing Department and Vijay played a stellar role in ensuring that the change management was humane but effective. Vijay and also played a critical role in recruitment for key roles within Marketing and we ended up with a Team that is seen as one of the best teams in the Campari business.

    In his Global role Vijay has been always supportive with Leadership assessment and coaching, also providing pragmatic solutions to complex cultural and organization dynamics. I highly valued Vijay’s ability to connect the big picture with an execution plan makes him a much sought after member in any cross functional team.

    On a personal level I love his sense of humor and the cultural dexterity with which he is able to navigate through diverse cultures.

    Melanie (Hardman) Batchelor
    Vice President Marketing Campari America
    Gruppo Campari
  • Vijay is one of the most engaging clients we have worked for in the last few years. Sharp, details oriented with exceptional business understanding, he has been one of the most sought after HR managers in India, especially in the Retail Industry. Despite being clear, focussed and very results oriented, he bought an element of "fun" into every assignment we have worked on, together, often engaging us in thought provoking discussions and challenging the status quo. His ability to think out of the box, enjoy his work and infuse a sense of enthusiasm within his team will hold him in good stead in the future. 

    Shailja Dutt
    Founder & Chairperson, Stellar Search (India, South East Asia and Africa)
    Stellar Search
  • Coming into my third year of partnering with Vijay, he continues to inspire me with his vision for Campari. I have seen him introduce, and since institutionalize, a Development Center approach to build a robust succession planning tool for leadership across the company. Recently entering into discussions around the value of coaching and how we embed this within the culture, it seems his passion for developing talent never fades. He is a true inspiration to me. I look forward to seeing our partnership evolve and to continue learning, both with him and from him, each step of the way.

    Rhian Blaszkowicz
    Principal Consultant at SHL
  • When you start up a company you need strong leadership. If you add elements of cultural diversity and resource constraints to this you definitely need an HR partner like Vijay by your side! I have had the privilege to be part of the start up team that built Campari Australia and Vijay was the HR Director who took vision into execution to help build a strong employer of choice brand. His experience in managing complexity in various part of the world is second to none and examples are abundant : reorganization in China, business planning in India,start up in Australia to name a few assignments. One of the most important leadership skills that comes perfectly naturally to Vijay is the ability to set the vision, to know where the company is going to be in 3 and 5 years down the road. And than to execute... His pragmatism ensures all employees are sailing in the same direction and when it comes to execution: he is thriving in a "Chief Evangelist" role: getting everyone from top to bottom excited about being involved in the project with that infectious personality that lights up the room.

    Loic Herbin
    IT Director ★ Northern, Central & Eastern Europe at Gruppo Campari
    Guppo Campari



I am a Global Nomad who has at various points called London, Milan, Trieste, Doha, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Sydney “home”.

I enjoy travelling for its own wanderlust sake and to better understand different cultures. Having visited 45 countries I find my passion to visit the others further fueled. Golf, Music and Interesting foods compete with my passion for travel.

I am happily married to my partner of over 15 years Abby. We are childfree. While Sydney and Mumbai are currently both homes to us, Sydney is where Abby and I plan to hang our boots.


* Mumbai
* Sydney
* Gurgaon